The College of Forestry Sciences in Ounce is 66 years old

Written by Dr. Juan Carlos Medina. Dean of the Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Onsi University.

66 years ago the Faculty of Forestry Engineering was created, which over time and due to the diversity of the educational offer and the tribute to its teacher, changed the name to the Faculty of Forestry Sciences “Ingeniero Néstor René Ledesma”.

The College of Forestry Engineering was established on February 12, 1958 as the College of Forestry Engineering by Law No. 9/58 of the Province of Santiago del Estero. In the same year, on April 21, at 10 a.m., the “First College of Argentine Forestry Engineering” was inaugurated, as can be read in the opening minutes. Days later, it joined the National University of Cordoba (UNC) as the Institute of Forestry Engineering through Decrees No. 4 and No. 9 issued by the aforementioned Higher Studies Council. The name of the institute is due to the fact that it was the only legal university personality that UNC law allowed to have an affiliation in another province.

The first authorities of the Faculty of Forestry Engineering were: Dean Dr. Juan Delevano Chazarreta; Deputy Dean Engineer Nestor Rene Ledesma, Secretary Engineer Mario A. As members of the Council: Engineer Leon Weisbord, Dr. Octavio A. Fernandez, Eng. Victor Antonioli, Dr. Eduardo Ritondo, Dr. Abdullah Awat, Dr. Crapanzano, Mr. Perez, Dr. Horacio J. Rava, D. Arturo Bustos Navarro.

The College's founders, especially Dr. Ledesma, were clear from the beginning that forest resources must be managed in order to obtain goods and services that serve human development, and that the production of these goods and services must continue Text continues as FORESTAL.DOC (continue to bottom)

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