MIR simulations focused on the gastrointestinal tract: essential questions

MIR simulation of medical typing.

applicants for MIR exam 2023 They are immersed in the final stage of preparation, in which simulation takes precedence, in addition to the theoretical revision of the topics. And as in 2022, the exercise will consist of a total 200 multiple-choice questions with four answer options (plus 10 reserve), but only one valid, among them A significant presence of the gastrointestinal tract is expected.

In numbers, a total 12,629 candidates They were admitted to the test for doctors to be held on January 21, in order to reach one 8,550 places displays it Ministry of Health; 362 over the last call. These final results show a The estimated ratio is 1.47 graduates in medicine for each job Offered, making the call May 2023 On the More affordable for candidateswhich has an almost certain location.

In addition, after the bad data collected in MIR 2022, which ended with 93 empty spacesThe Ministry of Health has amended the Health Specialist Training Examination (FSE) evaluation system to Reduce the ellipsiswhich can serve More than 1,000 medical applicants have access to a choice of venue.

– MIR Exam 2023: Are you ready for the test? Drill Reach (I) –
– MIR Exam 2023: Are you ready for the test? Drill Reach (II) –
– MIR Exam 2023: Are you ready for the test? Drill Reach (III) –

In this the enemy last, medical writing It allows candidates to: MIR drillwhich consists of the correct answer to questions Digestive Taken from official exams from previous years. Will you be able to get a place?

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