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The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leonthrough Forestry Collegeorganized the conference “8 Billion and the Limits of Growth: Prospects for Nature and Society” according to the number of inhabitants of the eastern planet reached. November 15, 2022.

The event was chaired by the Minister of the Environment of the State of Nuevo León, Alfonso Martínez Muñoz, and Dr. Lorenzo López Barbosa, who explained to the audience the implications of reaching this figure, as well as the impact on health and welfare. The environment.

Forest science analyzes the effects of population growth

First of all, Martínez Muñoz spoke to UANL students about the environmental management of the state in the face of Climate crisisin particular the problem about Water shortage.

He stressed that it is estimated that the rains will decrease in the state in the coming years, so the lack of water will remain one of the main reasons environmental problems in the northeast of the country.

For this reason, the founding member of Air Quality Observatory of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area He pointed out that it is necessary to integrate and strengthen measures to manage water resources and exchange knowledge with the population to work jointly, as well as to invest in comprehensive and sustainable data collection and monitoring systems regarding environmental problems.

People’s welfare

Doctor of Agronomy Lorenzo López Barbosa recognized UANL’s initiative to advance thinking about the use of resources that population growth brings.

However, the Doctor of Rural Development emphasized that, on a global level, factors such as accelerated industrialization, overpopulation and malnutrition, as well as depletion of non-renewable resources and environmental degradation, have greatly reduced the quality of people. spirits. Therefore, the priority should be well-being, not economic growth.

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In addition, he noted, the best way to measure the harm we are doing to the planet is Environmental effects of humans, which are used to assess the impact of human activities on the environment.

For this reason, López Barbosa presented initiatives and alternatives to reduce said footprint, from strengthening environmental infrastructure to changing personal habits, during the conference held at the Faculty of Forest Sciences.

Forest science analyzes the effects of population growth
Forest science analyzes the effects of population growth

The only way to course correct is to understand the true nature of who we are. In this way, we can reinvent ourselves, because we are the only species in this world capable of adapting to changes and annoyances, as evolutionary biologists have explained.”

Lorenzo Lopez Barbosa

Doctor of Agricultural Engineering

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