New passport dates at the Consulate of Spain in Havana: page refresh required

Spain’s Consulate General in Havana has been notified of expanding more places for passport applications, amid growing criticism of the outdated page.

“Passports. Those registered in the consular civil registry until November 14th can now get an appointment to apply for their first passport.” Twitter.

However, as with every note about allowing more possibilities available for the first passport application, Cuban users have claimed that it is impossible to get to the counseling page.

“Fix the page, I have been approved since June and it’s been five months and I don’t know if they have already registered me or not,” he wrote on Twitter.

“And how can we access this information, if the page contains an error? Please pay attention to this situation,” said another affected person.

The situation is much worse because there are people who have been approved since May and are still waiting to be registered. “The same thing happens to me, I’ve been hanging since May 29, 2022 and they still haven’t given me the folder and the page. The page gives an error. I’m from the province and can’t go to Havana for fun,” said another Cuban Spaniard.

Appointments for obtaining a Spanish passport at the Havana Consulate

According to the Spanish Consulate, in response to the high demand for the passport application service, appointments will be published on a weekday starting at 8 am CST.

In this way, appointments will be published with the following agenda:

  • ThursdayThe first group (registered with the Royal Commission in 2019) and the second group (registered with the Royal Commission in 2020).
  • The Wednesday: The third group (registered with the Red Cross in 2021 until November 14).
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Once the system indicates that no more appointments are available, users must wait for the new appointments to be shown the following week.

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