Rupert Grint’s neighbors furious over plans to build a ‘green village’

Rupert Grint He became famous as a kid as Ron Weasley in “Harry Potter,” however The actor, now 34 years old, He has diversified his career a lot since then.

Little won wealth Thanks to 8 wizarding world movies they let him shop and All kinds of investments (like his famous llama farm), but the truth is that over time he built his reputation as an entrepreneur Millionaire results.

evidence multiple properties It is the land of Kimpton Grange, in the United Kingdom, where Kabir plans Environmentally friendly project To create a “green city”, which raises complaints from neighbors.

As reported by ITV, Grint is taking steps with the North Herts Land Registry to Obtaining permission to build 15 new homes.

Their plans include a six-unit design in the existing building, five new sustainable constructions, and four low-income homes.

however, Kimpton neighbors They expressed their concerns about the possibility of new construction affect forests and grassy fields and destroyed “the greenbelt habitats of bats, frogs, beetles and red kites”.

“I have no problem with what they want to do with The Lodge and the buildings already on the grounds. I also have no problem with the new houses in town. But Green belt target Davina Malcolm, a Kempton neighbor of 41 years and a member of the Kempton Environmentalists, explains that nature can recover and have its own space.

According to the media, much more Local neighbors are discreet project because of its impact on nature 15 new housing units in the field of environmental preservation. “If they continue with the project, they will need to replace as many trees as possible, and it will take 20 years or more, for those trees to grow into unified homethey explain.

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For now, the plans are on hold and awaiting permission from North Herts Council, though Rupert plans They have been developing for years On the ground as evidenced by pre-pandemic news.

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