The Ecuadorian court overturns the patent of Swedish computer scientist Ola Benny

This Friday, two of the court's three judges decided to convict Benny on the “attempted access” argument, because although they admitted he had not committed a crime, his specialist technical knowledge was suitable to commit the crime.

They also ordered him to pay a fine equivalent to four basic salaries, or $1,840.

Benny spent five years suffering from more than 100 due process violations, and despite this, the lower court certified his innocence, his lawyer, Carlos Soria, said on his social networks.

The Swedish citizen was detained in April 2019 at Quito Airport, and from that moment he faced a process full of irregularities.

The case was promoted by then-President Lenin Moreno and his cabinet minister, Maria Paula Romo, after he was accused of being part of a destabilization plan linked to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, from whom Ecuador withdrew asylum at its embassy in London on that date.

The initial accusation against Benny, who has lived in the South American country since 2013, was based on an alleged attack on the integrity of the country's computer services, specifically the National Telecommunications Corporation.

Before today's ruling, Bini himself denounced the lack of impartiality in the Pichincha District Court that heard the appeal of the ruling, because they were the same people who deprived him of his freedom five years ago.


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