Confirmation of the government of hatred against Bolsonaro’s opponents in Brazil

In an interview published by Vega magazine, the senior officer, who worked as an assistant to Bolsonaro, explained that his former boss tried to hide the goals of the investigation into coup attempts in this country.

The police sent to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) a report on the actions of Bolsonaro’s digital militias (supporters of the far-right politician) and a kind of step-by-step attacks.

With Cid’s award-winning conviction, investigators want more details about the wrongdoing committed by Bolsonaro during his administration.

This trust is an agreement between the accused and the Public Prosecution (the accused), and the former cooperates with the investigations. That is, the informant gives up his right to silence and instead obtains an advantage that may vary depending on his degree of cooperation.

The former advisor stated that Bolsonaro consulted the army about ways to carry out a coup plot in the South American giant.

Investigators found on the presenter’s cell phone a draft of the coup, with the so-called decree guaranteeing law and order, which stipulates a state of siege “within the four lines” of the Constitution.

Cid was arrested in May for fraud in vaccination cards for Bolsonaro and his family.

In September, Minister Aleandre de Moraes, of the Special Forces, approved the agreement to inform the lieutenant colonel.

The uniformed officer is expected to reveal more details about the legal violations committed by Bolsonaro in the investigation into the notorious jewelry case.

In October 2021, upon returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia, the entourage of former Minister Bento Albuquerque, who represented Bolsonaro at one event, attempted to enter the country with expensive jewelry.

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This diamond necklace set was confiscated at Guarulhos International Airport (São Paulo).

The then ruler’s advisors tried to free the jewels.

A second package containing a watch and rings passed through customs irregularly and was incorporated into Bolsonaro’s personal collection.

Investigations indicated that the former president kept a third set of clothes that included a Rolex watch, which he would later sell to Cid in the United States.

After the story broke in March, the Federal Court of Accounts decided that Bolsonaro must return the gifts, prompting his family lawyer, Frederic Wassef, to buy back the watch to hand over to the government.

By law, gifts received by governments of other countries cannot be incorporated into personal assets and must belong to the Brazilian state.


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