The Dominican Senate will resume reforming the Accounts Chamber Act

Local media indicated that the bill was awaiting approval at second reading after the 17 members of Congress required by the regulations did not show up for a session that day.

If the changes are approved in the Senate, proposed by Assemblyman Felix Bautista, they will go to the House of Representatives and then to the executive branch for promulgation.

The proposal generally consists of changing the law governing the Accounts Chamber to give its president greater powers, mandatory publication of all audits and punishment of officials who submit documents illegally.

Discussions are only taking place when a special committee of the House of Representatives decided this week that the plenary session of that audit body violated various laws and regulations in the exercise of its functions.

When revealing the results of the investigation, the deputies indicated that after reviewing the statements contained in the minutes of the interviews conducted and examining all the documents, they came to about 13 serious violations.

Last Wednesday, the legislative bloc of the Modern Revolutionary Party supported the investigation committee’s recommendation to proceed with the dismissal of the Accounts Chamber.

The spokesman for the lower house of parliament, Julio Volcar, confirmed that, as expressed by the high leadership of that political organization, the bloc supports the proposals to start the process against the officials of that body.


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