The Crown: Letter of Tobias Menzies on the Death of Philip | spoiler

The United Kingdom woke up to the shocking news on Friday of the death of Philip de Idomburgo at the age of 99. The death of the Prince ended the 74 years the Prince was part of the British royal family. Mourning came Tobias MenziesThe actor who played the role in it the crown From Netflix, From He showed his respect in an honest letter despite not being an advocate of the monarchy. What did he say?

“If I knew anything about the Duke of Edinburgh, I am sure I wouldn’t want the TV actor to give his opinion of his life.”He started on his Twitter account and humbly chose a phrase from Shakespeare to expel him: “Good old man! You look good! The ancient world constant service … RIP.”

The 47-year-old actor was the only one to speak publicly of the death. No other member of the series has spoken about her, nor the official account of the show. This situation occurs after the hustle and bustle that occurred between the royal family and the show with the controversial fourth season premiere.

The Crown: Letter of Tobias Menzies on the Death of Philip

While Menzies has chosen to speak out, he has revealed in previous interviews that he is against the royal family, even though he respects their work. “I am basically a Republican, maybe a Republic with a lowercase“ r ”, meaning that it is not understood that the adult state has an inherited property as head of state. But I respect them more, because they feel that they are their duty. They work hard and have taken their role seriously. I want to try to do. “, Admitted in 2020 to Variety.

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On the same note, the artist indicated that he saw Felipe K. “The alpha male type, it is clear that he is someone who likes to be busy and influence things.” And that “You don’t have much to do every day”. According to his point of view, the Prince was furious at having to play a minor role within the royal family.

Additionally, the actor highlighted the humor he found in Felipe. “It has probably been very helpful for the Queen over the years to have someone who is able to make her laugh and take things a little less seriously.”He completed.

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