The creator talks about the scene that cost the movie the most

Netflix It has many successful series in its catalog, but it is undoubtedly one of the most popular series by audiences and critics. the crown. Ambitious production created by Peter Morgan About the British Royal Family that premiered in Season 4 a few months ago as it slowly reveals the details of the upcoming episodes that have been long awaited by the audience.

From the first show until today, The series could not avoid controversy, because from within the royal family they made it clear that they do not share the vision of the scriptwriters at all. In fact, some time ago – when Season 4 saw the light – several publications reported Prince Charles’ displeasure with the way the series had distorted reality.

but nevertheless, Morgan and his company’s biggest challenge wasn’t just dealing with and criticizing the royal family. For the Creator, the difficulties of making it the crown They went on the other hand and this was confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood ReporterAnd Where he talked about the scene that cost them the most to shoot and the most difficult characters to write.

Emma Corinne in the Crown (Image: Netflix) / Gillian Anderson in the Crown (Image: Netflix)

On the one hand, Morgan talked about what it means to write complex characters like Diana and Margaret Thatcher. for the creator It was almost impossible to get along with all of them since there were very different opinions about both women (both for and against), especially in the UK. Secondly, Morgan traveled back in time to season one to talk about a scene that was hard for them to film.

“The scene filmed by Julian Garrold opening the Commonwealth branch, where we walk around the world watching people from Commonwealth countries listening to Princess Elizabeth-Claire Foy-speech on the radio from South Africa. It’s one of the most amazing sequences of all four seasons and I still don’t know how our production team pulled it off.Mention the Creator.

We recently reported that Netflix The first official photo of Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth II has been shared She replaced Olivia Colman for the fifth season of the series. What is more, The streaming platform has revealed the first looks of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who will play Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West. In this new phase of the series.

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