The country not waking up to Covid in Europe is the UK

The only European country that has not improved its situation with regard to Covid-19 is the United Kingdom. The country that Boris Johnson rules is in danger because of alternative India. The countries that came out worse than this are Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands and Slovenia, they came from a very bad situation and the infection rate of Covid-19 was improving.

Meanwhile, Spain is in a deteriorating situation. A large number of countries begin a general decrease in the number of cases. However, Portugal, Croatia, Russia and Sweden are stagnating. On the other hand, Greece and Latvia have high values ​​due to the high rate of virus spread.

The UK is the big exception for Covid-19

The United Kingdom, as we have said, is the big exception to the decline in cases of the Covid-19 virus. The virus is growing exponentially within British soil. In addition, each infected person infects more than one contact. Norway follows the British state.

In the same way, despite the worsening of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, it tops the order in the number of vaccine doses given in proportion to its population, followed by Hungary; Bulgaria is at the bottom of the list. According to English, vaccination progress allows “the UK to have a high vaccination profile.”

Owning a Covid passport is the new way to travel between countries / medical writing
Owning a Covid passport is the new way to travel between countries / medical writing

The Covid passport will try to limit the spread of the virus this summer

The covid vaccination tried to be done in the face of the summer to stop the spread of the virus. The tourism sector accounts for 10% of the EU’s GDP. At the European level, a standard certificate has been developed, which is “green” if the holder has completed the vaccination process, Have passed Covid or had a negative test recently. The MEP for Movimento 5 Estrellas, Tiziana Pejen, stressed that it is not a “travel document”, as the word passport implies.

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Some regions are preparing for the arrival of tourists, such as the island of Sicily. The adviser for tourism, sports and recreation in Sicily, Manlio Messina, stressed that “when arriving on the island, by sea or air, visitors find centers for obtaining PCR. They also plan to implement new measures in the hotel and restaurant sectors.”

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