The Costa Rican Confederation bloc agrees to the action plan

In a press release marking the 10th anniversary of its founding as one of the largest union fronts and political and social organizations in Costa Rica, Bosco noted that more than 100 delegates from 24 groups analyzed proposals for action on Wednesday. plan.

Faced with the anti-worker and anti-people attack of the new government and legislature deputies, the delegates agreed to this plan which they asserted would be the national organizational guide for the struggle.

Having indicated that in the coming days he will determine the calendar of actions in all areas, Bosco announced that among the immediate goals are opposition to the bill that seeks to end the eight-hour day and pay overtime, as well as defending the rule of social law and social justice.

In addition, he continues to fight unemployment, poverty, decent housing and fair wages, as well as a direct fight against corruption, tax evasion and tax evasion, which are really responsible for the economic crisis in the country.

It also refers to the struggle for decent pensions and the defense of the working-class pension fund, against the high cost of living, increase in prices and rates, and support for agricultural producers.

An increase in fuel prices, rates for public services, food, tickets, and rent appear among the goals of the Costa Rican Federation bloc, as well as a wage freeze and general labor law.

Union information adds that during the meeting, which was held in the Jorge Debravo hall at the headquarters of the National Union of Workers of the Fund and Social Insurance in the capital, the attendees agreed to develop strategies for popular communication, unity and the strengthening of Bussco, including training and training of workers.

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It is clear that after 10 years of existence, Bussco has become one of the most important and representative social forces in Costa Rica, incorporating the sectors of women, housing, farmers, self-employed and independent workers, youth and indigenous people. Despite the changes in government, he explained, the union bloc is a social norm with very broad representation in many spaces for study, analysis, negotiating tables, representing workers, providing national and international support and solidarity.

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