Joel and Ellie look amazing in the remake of their first adventure arriving on PS5 in 2022

The remake From the first installment of ‘The Last of Us’ that already has a release date and an official title, it will be renamed ‘The Last of Us: Part I’ and will be released within September 2. This information was officially confirmed by chance, as it was published on the website of Playstation Direct by mistake.

The Direct PlayStation page states:

Enjoy an overhaul of the original experience, which has been faithfully reproduced but includes modern gameplay, enhanced controls, and expanded access options. Plus, feel immersed in the enhanced effects and improved exploration and combat.

TLO . edition

This adapter comes to consoles only for PlayStation 5 So it will not be intergenerational delivery. In addition to conditioning this remake for computer.

TLO . edition

Also, it will be released in two different versionsa basic and special edition called firefly edition. The first would be $69.99, anything like that 1370 pesosWhile the second version will cost $ 99.99, equivalent to 1960 pesos Around.

picture 3

The difference between both versions is that the special edition will have an extension sphonebook and four cartoons Which tells the story of Ellie before she meets Joel.

picture 5

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