The conclusion of the fourth sports medicine conference

The 4th Mexican Congress of Sports Medicine had a very successful weekend at León Poliforum with the theme “Innovation in Medicine and Science Applied to Sport”.

The event, which took place from October 14-16, was organized by the Mexican Federation of Sports Medicine (Femmede) and brought together more than 1,600 specialists, researchers and students in the field.

This conference was held in Lyon for the second year in a row and attended by more than 300 people and more than 1500 in a virtual way, made up of leaders from the health sector, doctors specializing in sports medicine, orthopedists, sports nutritionists, psychologists, sports coaches, physical therapists and medical and health science students.

They have obtained the support, cooperation and endorsement of agencies such as: Conade, the Guanajuato State Sports Commission (CODE), the Guanajuato Tourism Trust and OCV León.

93 face-to-face and 45 virtual speakers participated, giving their lectures and sharing their knowledge, which came from the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Argentina and Peru.

The activity opened with the main conference “Covid, Immunity and Sports”, delivered by the specialist Dr. Alejandro Macías, and presenting over 15 free research papers and 10 workshops.

Finally, Dr Felipe Gomez, President of Femmede, thanked the authorities for their support of the conference and announced that the 2022 Inter-American International Conference on Sports Medicine is coming, which last month received this date from Greece.

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