Now yes, Manizales has light.

This week at the launch of the International Film Festival of Manizales – FICMA 12 – directed by Federico Zapata Ospina, the official launch of Luz, clearly Manizaleña, directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate took place.

The festival will take place between 23 and 30 October.


The director told us that Luz Project Manizal is one hundred percent, audiovisual communication alumni of Gaviriana University and a graduate of the University of San Francisco Academy of Arts, California.

Manizales is not a city usually characterized by cinema, adds Juan Diego Escobar, saying: “There are very few audiovisual works and commercial films. In fact, I would venture to say that the light of the modern age is the only one, from a commercial point of view, which is also the greatest enjoyment of to the city.”

All this was told about his movie Luz, to readers of Eje 21, Manizalean film director Juan Diego Escobar Alzate.


“I live near Hostal La Laguna. It’s a genre movie. The genre is fantasy, horror, western, science fiction, all of this and the movie is meticulously wrapped in a world of horror and fantasy. Starring Yuri Vargas, we shot in 2018 near Hostal La Laguna in Villamaría. There they welcomed us so well in Alexandra, the village of Papayal, we created an interesting community. We took twenty-three days to film “

the first show.

“This film was selected and screened in the most important film and fantasy festivals in the world and had its world premiere in Sitges – Spain – the most important film festival of its kind in the world and the third film was able to participate in the official competition in the history of Colombia, which is undoubtedly a mark Milestone and Manizales should feel proud that the movie has become, in a way, a cult film.

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Let’s say December of this year arrives on Amazon Prime all over Latin America and Colombia, and they also buy it in the UK; A film with a very important distribution and a tour of festivals, I dare say the most important in the history of the Cinema of Manizales. It has passed sixty-seven festivals, and has won twenty-three awards. The film stars Yuri Vargas, who is known on television.

in Manizales.

“I would very much like to invite you to pay attention to Luz. Suddenly, I would also like to be able to order it at Telecafé so that people don’t miss seeing this Luz job, because we’ve been to the Chambers of Commerce since last year in the middle of the pandemic and because we’ve had to go out in other movie theaters because he didn’t There weren’t any cinemas in Manizales, so people were left without seeing it.So at Ficma, – the Manizales International Film Festival – the only possibility is to be able to watch the movie inside Manizales until Amazon Prime arrives in December and other platforms like Cineco Plus, but then I’d like Also people who want to watch it try to ask Telecafe, because I would very much like to support this kind of initiative, and for a regional channel to broadcast it accurately I think its goal should be to spread this good news to the region, which undoubtedly Manizales should be as proud of this film as we are. I welcome everyone who can take part in the October 13 screening at the film’s launch at 7pm at the Fondadores Theatre.”

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