Venezuela government suspends dialogue with opposition after diplomat Alex Saab kidnapped

Jorge Rodriguez assured that the authorities will not stop until Saab regains his freedom. Photo: teleSUR.

Head of the Venezuelan government delegation at the dialogue table held in Mexico with the opposition, Jorge Rodriguez announced, on Saturday, the suspension of the operation after confirming the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab, who was transferred from Cape Verde to the United States (US).

“Because of this very serious work, our delegation has suspended participation in the negotiating table and dialogue, and therefore we will not attend the tour that was scheduled to start on October 17, as a profound expression of our protest against the brutal aggression against the person and the inauguration of our delegate Alex Saab,” Rodriguez noted.

The Speaker of the National Assembly also stressed that the authorities will not stop until Saab regains his freedom. “Venezuela will defend our representative, Alex Saab, with all legal and diplomatic resources, and will take the case before all multilateral human rights bodies.”, He said.

“Saab’s life is in danger at the hands of a judicial system that has been used to attack Venezuela and is calling on the United States government to release our delegate (…) This constitutes an act of aggression by the United States against Venezuela, given that Saab has been included as a full member in the process of dialogue and negotiations taking place in Mexico.”Rodriguez was sentenced.

The head of the Venezuelan government delegation blamed the far-right sectors, Ivan Duque and Washington, for torpedoing the mediation process underway in Mexico. which was about to complete its third phase. “They continue their provocative and harmful actions against the development of the dialogue table and negotiations,” he added.

Rodriguez explained that “Alex Saab’s human rights were violated by the Cape Verdean government and the legal system in that country, and he (Saab) was tortured and his family members were denied knowledge of his health.”

Jorge Rodriguez noted that the Cape Verdean authorities had violated due process against Saab, as well as the decision of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) court that endorsed the Venezuelan diplomat and ordered his immediate release.

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They also ignored the instructions issued by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on June 8, 2021, regarding the suspension of the US extradition of the accused, and the complicity of the authorities of that country with the policy of aggression. US government,” Rodriguez concluded.

(taken from teleSUR)

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