The competition has begun in the United Kingdom to choose a replacement for Boris Johnson – Juventud Rebelde

LONDON, July 12 – The contest to choose a replacement for the outgoing Conservative British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, officially began on Tuesday, with the nomination of candidates by the ruling party bloc.

So far, there are 11 applicants to exempt Johnson, but each one must be backed by at least 20 of their followers in religion in the House of Commons.

The official list of candidates will be announced this Tuesday, and tomorrow there will be the first secret ballot, where each candidate must receive at least 30 votes to advance to the next round.

Voting will continue until the two most popular candidates are left, who will then be vetted by all party members via postal ballot in August.

As announced the day before, the new Conservative leader, and thus UK Prime Minister, will be announced on September 5, when Parliament resumes sessions after the summer recess.

Meanwhile, Johnson, who resigned last week after a series of scandals that questioned his moral integrity and leadership skills, will remain on a temporary basis in 10 Downing Street.

The controversial governor’s stay in power is rejected by the political opposition rather than a few Conservatives, with the Labor Party announcing that it will submit a censure motion to the government on Tuesday, which, if approved, would force the call for a general election.

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