The College of Medicine graduates 85 new health professionals – El Cretan

Graduated university students from the disciplines of medicine, dentistry and optics.

The authorities of the Faculty of Medicine (FM), accompanied by the President of the Autonomous University of Queretaro (UAQ), Teresa García Gasca, have delivered certificates to 85 graduates from three health fields: medicine, dentistry and optometry.

During the event, the Dean of the Maximum House of Studies said she was confident that the university had met their expectations and given them the tools, skills and disciplines to practice their professional skills. However, she also reminded the youth that just as skills matter, so do attitudes, so practicing with passion, love, responsibility and ethics is a must in her field.

“Be really successful, be responsible for your profession, and remember that you represent us as a university, but above all the people who come to you will demand a very valuable service related to your health, so always do it ethically and with responsibility,” he emphasized.

In addition, he gave appreciation to the family of the university students, for being the primary supporter in achieving their goals.

He stressed that “your profession is service jobs and that service is always an honor.”

For her part, FM Director, Guadalupe Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, stated that the walls of this academic unit have seen the growth of today’s graduates as professionals and as human beings.

“On the one hand, I congratulate them, because all their efforts have paid off, they have completed their studies with pride and will be able to go on with whatever life throws at them. On the other hand, I remind you that as health science professionals they have a commitment to themselves, to this college and to the community that they have to They have to serve him.”

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Six young men received a bachelor’s degree in optometry. For dentistry, there were 29; And for medicine, there were two groups, one of 22 and one of more than 28. In this batch, the directors of medical degrees, Dr. Miguel Ángel Alexandro Rangel Alvarado, also attended. Dentistry Dr. Hector Mancella Herrera; and optometry, BA Jorge Enrique Rojas Caleros.

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