The Coast Guard saves the lives of Cuban rafters on the verge of collapse

The US Coast Guard has rescued a group of Cuban rafters about to collapse off the coast of Florida, United States. And the Seventh District announced, through its Twitter account, that its air patrol alerted the presence of the unstable ship. The illegal immigrants were about 40 miles from Key West.

USCG officers reported that the rescue was carried out by the crew of the cutter Hamilton. It happened when the boat was about to sink.

The US Coast Guard impounded another batch of Cuban rafters over this past weekend. The immigrants landed illegally in Marathon Key, and only then did the crews of cutters William Trump and Willow take action on the matter.

More than six thousand Cubans blocked their way

The USCG has revealed alarming figures related to the current migration crisis plaguing Cuba. Official data shows that since last October 1, the Coast Guard has intercepted 6,449 wooden beams from the island into the sea.

The number of Haitians arrested while trying to reach the United States during the same period was 4,230. In all cases, appropriate deportations to their countries were carried out.

Although the USCG has doubled down on its monitoring, in the current fiscal year 16,604 Cuban immigrants have reportedly arrived in the northern state. This was disclosed by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Similarly, CBP highlighted that the entry of Cubans through the southern border of the United States raised their levels, slightly, last March. Meanwhile, by sea, 4,501 immigrants from the island touched American soil.

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During the third month of 2023, about 1,315 Cubans were processed at various points on the southern border. This number represents a growth of 43%. Compared to February, when only 753 entered.

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