The coach who missed prison

Sitting in the stands of the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium, perhaps in the best moment of his career so far, Jose Carlos Doron can’t forget about prison. Specifically, Puente Grande Prison.

It’s not that memory torments him, but it makes him sad, because Without being an inmate in that place, Carlos somehow suffered from what some call “Prisoner Syndrome”, He misses those days when he spent most of his time in SRC facilities.

More than 1,500 kilometers away (the one between Guadalajara and Ciudad Juárez), Carlos answers the phone to talk about his work with the women’s team Juárez FC, a team that plays in Liga MX Femenil where he has been a technical assistant since the start of 2021.

During the call, Doron was at a loss between being a professional footballer and showing his more human side, because before making way for questions, He makes sure to send a message to the guests of Puente Grande: “If you can, write that I like them very much.”

Before reaching the women’s first division football league, Doron He was coach of the Águilas del . team CR In Puente Grande. There he spent nearly seven years during which he was able to solidify his “90 Minutes of Freedom” project, which was born with the goal of helping to reintegrate prisoners through the sport.

The period from 2014 to 2021 was Doron’s time in Cereso, and despite the fact that today he is having a great moment in La Frontera, part of him has remained in prison.

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– How was the jump from directing at Puente Grande to getting into Women’s First Class?

They are very different contexts, but also rewarding. Something very revealing has happened to me now that I work here. When he stepped on the Tigres court, “Volcán”, I realized I felt the same feelings I had when I went to the Puente Grande court.

One of Doron’s fondest memories (in blue and hat) was receiving the Chivas legends and having a friendly match with them. Detective / Archive

– You’ve moved from directing guests to working with a female team, has this changed the way you work?

No wonder it has a lot of similarities. There he tried to guide the prisoners through footballAnd here I am trying to make sure that footballers can consider this sport as a way of life. To some extent, both situations are the same, and of course the respect in both positions made my adaptation easier.

“How do you get to Braavos?”

I was a partner of Ana Cristina Gonzalez on the coaching course in Guadalajara. When we go out, she goes to Pachuca and we lose contact, but in December she called me to ask me for an invite. She told me that she was called up to be the coach of the team and that she was training her coaching staff. Thank God he took me into consideration, and for that I will always be grateful.

– Destiny, now it’s your turn to meet personalities like Riccardo Ferretti in the club, have you ever called him?

When we arrived there was Luis Fernando Tina (the coach behind the 2012 Olympic gold medal) and I was able to talk to him a few times. Later we were able to exchange views with Professor Alfonso Sosa, and now with Professor Riccardo Ferretti we were able to greet each other. It feels great to watch him train, learn from the way he runs his group.

“Have you internalized this change in your life?”

From day one, but still motivating. I remember in my early days taking the van in Tonalá to go to work, and 10 years later finding myself on the field or in the trails with “Tuca” Ferretti. is a dream.

—In Liga MX Femenil they face big-paying teams like Tigres, how can you compete against them?

without skipping operations. Many players for teams like Tigres, Rayadas, América or Chivas are footballers who have operations for college football in the United States, but at other clubs Many of the female players are taken out of the amateurs because there is no training process in Mexico for the female branch. In this case, we have to adapt and teach her from the basics. We want to convince them that with work we can compete. We are still far away, but I have no doubt that the gap between one club and another will be less and less.

“Are you going back to prison one day?”

I never left, so to speak. I’m always on the lookout, and I even got some Bravos costume and I’m going to take them to the boys in prison. I love this project so much

According to figures from pages that specialize in providing commercial flights, there are 51 direct flights between Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez, and despite the fact that Carlos is having a great moment at the border, he longs for the day he can board one of those planes to visit Puente Page again.

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