The co-production “The Colonists”, directed by Felipe Galvez, which had its world premiere in Cannes, has been sold to the US and UK.

Co-production The settled onesthe first feature of the Chilean Felipe Galvez It premiered worldwide in the competitive division Un Certain regarding the cannes Film Festival, It will be released theatrically in the US, UK and other countries, with additional territories with release plans to be announced soon.

Streaming platform Mubi has acquired this Western English-speaking language for North America, the UK, Latin America, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux and India.

Colonists It is an international co-production between Quijote Films from Chile (Giancarlo Nasi), and Rei Cine from Argentina (Santiago Galilei and Matías Rovida); Quiddity Films (UK); Cinema Sud (France); Volos Films (Taiwan), in co-production with Snowglobe (Denmark), Film I Väst (Sweden), Sutor Kolonko (Germany), in association with Finite Films (UK), mk2 Films (France) and Dulac Distribution (France). .

Co-written by Felipe Gálvez with Antonia Girardi, it tells about the Sel'Ken'am genocide in Tierra del Fuego at the beginning of the 20th century. It shows how the Menéndez family, in cooperation with the Chilean state, financed and permitted a massacre that has been erased from official history.

It took Gálvez nine years to make his film, and it took six years to get financing in his country to tell this story of an indigenous massacre committed by groups of private killers that remains virtually hidden.

A wealthy Chilean landowner in 1901 hires three horsemen to outline the perimeter of his sprawling estate and open a route to the Atlantic Ocean through vast Patagonia. The expedition consists of a young Chilean mestizo and an American mercenary led by a hotheaded British lieutenant.

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The cast includes Camilo Arancibia, Mark Stanley, and Benjamin Westphal.

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