Iberdrola launches landmark tender for UK electricity networks

Iberdrola, through its subsidiary SP Transmission, has just launched a landmark tender process to boost UK networks by contracting substations and overhead electricity lines for €6,252 million (£5,200 million). The initial term of both contracts will be five years, extendable up to ten years. The duration therefore adapts to National Grid's UK grid design – 'Path to 2030' – which provides substantial steps towards achieving net zero energy in 2050 and represents a further step in the company's strategy to strengthen its grids business.

The aim of the sector-wide document is to mobilize €62.5bn (£54bn) of investment in network infrastructure in Britain and Creating up to 168,000 job opportunities by 2030
the plan It will also allow consumers to save $6,371 million (£5.5 billion), which means €2.5 per year per British energy consumer in costs from 2030, increasing grid capacity and reducing the need to pay to deactivate excess wind generation.
As the project allows Reduces the impact on the seabed by up to 30% less than the impact of cables on the coast Will it reduce carbon dioxide emissions? An amount equivalent to stopping all domestic flights in the UK for one year between 2030 and 2032.
The contract, the new civil engineer reveals, will include a total allocation of £2.4bn for substations, in five lots. Plot 1 is designated for civil works to enable substations and is valued at £700 million (€810 million) for a full 10 years, while Plot 2 is designated for substation construction works and valued at £750 million (€868 million) for a full 10 years.
Lots 1 and 2 are based on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) approach, under which projects can be assigned to contract-nominated suppliers and they will provide engineering, design, procurement of materials and equipment, and will carry out the construction works. According to the design agreed upon with SP Transmission.
Plot 3 corresponds to substation enabling works and is worth £385 million (€445 million), Plot 4 is for substation civil works worth £330 million over 10 years (€382 million) and Plot 5 is for electrical substation works worth £235 million over 10 years (272 million euros).
Lots 3, 4 and 5 are based on a bespoke model whereby the chosen supplier is appointed to complete a specific package of works according to the design and specifications provided by SP Transmission. On these lots, SP Transmission will be the main contractor, lead designer and selected supplier.
the The tender for these lines is launched immediately after the abandonment of the PNMR procurement project In the United States, at a time when companies are demanding greater investment in grids to promote the energy transition. In fact, the electric company also recently made an alliance in Brazil to grow in this area.

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