The City fan who celebrated with Haaland is a famous ex-boxer

AndIt is well known that the emotions aroused by football in England do not discriminate between professions or other social conditions, so it is not surprising to see a variety of people celebrating their team’s goals in unison and embracing each other in the stands. Premier League.

The bleachers company invaded the stadium

Well, practitioners and fans of other sports are also avowed fans of English football clubs and proof of that is the bizarre moment in which the Norwegian starred. Erling Hallandwho when he celebrated his goal against Sheffield United Last Sunday in Bramall LaneHe was seen hugging him in the middle of the field by one of the fans, who went to celebrate with him and his teammates the first goal in the match scored by them. Pep Guardiola They ended up winning 2-1.

The observation at the time was that a spontaneous person entered the field and celebrated a goal with a bit of freedom with the attacking sensibility of English football and more generally of world football, but almost immediately some took on the task of recognizing who the intrepid fan was. They are removed from the field and removed from the field by law enforcement authorities in accordance with the protocol to be followed in these cases. It is rumored that the character could be banned for life from any football venue in the UK.

From the ring to the field

The answer came sooner rather than later, and the enigmatic figure is neither more nor less than the former English boxer Terry Flanagana staunch exponent of the British School of Boxing, and is specifically a native ManchesterHe was born in 1989 and has been a big fan of his life citythe lightweight champion by the World Boxing Organization from 2015 to 2017, and the first Briton to achieve this in that category, and the owner of a significant brand that achieved only two setbacks as a professional and won 36 fights, 14 of which were by chloroform.

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Flanagan He hasn’t been back in the ring since his last fight in 2019, in which he faced Jiro Duran, but everything seems to indicate that he loves football as much as he loves boxing, at least from that magical place where everyone meets and everyone enjoys victories equally. follower ‘cityzens‘: the pulpit.

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