US leaves Brazil uninvited with 3-1 win – Polideportivo

Brasilia, June 11 (EFE). The US men’s volleyball team beat Brazil 3-1 this Saturday (21-25, 27-25, 25-20 and 25-20), leaving them undefeated, in the fourth day’s game. From Group A in the qualifying stage for the League of Nations, which will be held at the Nelson Nelson Coliseum in Brasilia.

After winning the first set 21-25, the Brazilians and their 10,000 fans saw the US team coming from behind, which swept the hosts ruthlessly in the next three sets.

Those led by Renan Dal Zoto did not reach the level that distinguishes them in serving and felt the absence of Yoandre Lille and Riccardo Lucarelli, who are continuing to recover from their injuries and will only return to the second qualifying stage of the league.

However, Brazilian Alan Sousa was the top scorer of the match with 23 points, making him the top scorer in the tournament so far.

Brazil, who have won three matches and are sixth in the qualifying round with 9 points, will return to the field on Sunday to face China, who are second with 10 integers, and breathe the neck of Japan, who lead with 11 points. After winning four matches.

Since June 7, the qualifying stage for the first group made up of Brazil, Japan, China, Iran, the United States, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Australia has been held in the Brazilian capital.

The Volleyball Nations League qualifying phase is played by 16 teams over three weeks in June and July, with “mobile” groups of eight playing in one venue, but with only four matches in a draw, so each team will play a total of twelve matches.

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For the final, scheduled for July 20-24 in Italy, the host country and the best seven seeded nations will be reached in the first stage.

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