UNLP opened a “historic” work for the Faculty of Exact Sciences

This is the Exact Science Unit, which now has a new building for research missions in the heart of the jungle.

UNLP Faculty of Exact Sciences has a new and modern building, the work that was highly anticipated by the academic community and was completed yesterday. And from the Graduate School they described the progress as “historic”.

It is that the authorities cut the ribbon after completing the construction works of a building for research and teaching missions located in the heart of the scientific and technological pole of the so-called Eastern Forest on 120th Street between 63rd and 64th.

On the ground floor and the first two floors of this new construction there are classrooms and laboratories for practical and research work, with all necessary safety measures for handling chemical and biological materials.

Meanwhile, on the third floor there are offices for researchers, while all floors contain a range of toilets for people with special needs and support and maintenance staff.

According to the authorities, the work “significantly increases the academic capabilities in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for the professions taught in Exactus, and strengthens the infrastructure in scientific research and knowledge transfer.”

For this reason, it is included in the strategic plan of the university and in the master plan of the Faculty of Exact Sciences, which also makes it possible to expand and improve the structural capabilities of teaching and research and to strengthen the links between students and teachers. and alumni.

For Academic Vice President Fernando Tauber, “These new premises allow us to continue to advance our research-oriented infrastructure development policy, always following the premise of providing the best working conditions for our scientific community.”

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“We have been working for a long time to make the construction of this building a reality and thus be able to complete the complete project that was originally proposed for the El Bosque area,” said the dean of that faculty, Mauricio Urben. Ownership of Este de Exactas.” .

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