The Citizen | Thousands of farmers in India continue their struggle to repeal three agricultural laws

Three entry points into New Delhi, the capital of India, are still occupied by thousands of farmers from different regions, who are demanding the repeal of three agricultural laws for a period of 100 days.

“Today, farmers complete 100 days of protesting at the Delhi border,” the Indian peasant unit front group (Kisan Acta Morcha) reported this Saturday from its Twitter account.

“Greetings to challenge your battle with great ferocity and courage.” “Farmers are ready to sit down for any number of days and months until the laws are repealed,” says Kisan Ekta Morcha in a tweet posted today.

The agricultural assembly confirmed that the demonstrators gathered on the KMP highway (west of the capital), preventing traffic in the area, while waving black flags “as evidence of support for the ongoing movement against the Indian government.” . Kisan Ekta Morcha on Twitter.

Protesters remain resolute in their petition to repeal the three laws. Photo: Anadolu Agency.

Since November 2020, farmers have been demonstrating against three laws passed by Parliament in September of last year, as they consider that their assumptions weaken the state’s purchase mechanism for their products, leave them at the mercy of large companies and harm the media. … the lives of millions of people.

As part of the demonstrations, thousands of farmers occupy the entrances to New Delhi in the cities of Singo, Tikri and Gazipur, most of them from the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Tractors, trucks, and tents were set up on the access roads.

Despite the many rounds of talks between the government and peasant unions, the two parties were unable to reach an agreement, and it reached moments of great tension such as clashes with the police during a tractor march on Republic Day on January 26, which left one dead and hundreds injured.

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