The Center of Excellence for the Arts and Gastronomic Sciences of Córdoba resumes its sessions

The Superior Center of Culinary Arts and Sciences (Csacg) of Córdoba will return to activity next June, although its students will rest in August. The facilities on Calle Bodega, 8 will be filled with students again after the stoppage imposed by the pandemic.

His return will be through the front door with a path Catering services. It is a 580-hour face-to-face training, which will be given at the Center and at La Casa de Manolete Bistró.

Those who finish will receive a Professional Certificate and have the opportunity to do 80 hours of training in the best restaurants in Córdoba.

he Center of Excellence for the Arts and Gastronomic Sciences It is a new interdisciplinary research center in gastronomy, whose mission is to develop the potential for innovation in gastronomy and catering, through training, and is located in a unique space in the city, in the center, next to the restaurants A Flor de Piel Restaurant and La Casa de Manolete Bistro.

It is an educational project that goes beyond a simple hospitality school: passion, creativity, experimentation and constant innovation are concepts promoted in its programmes.

Faculty of professors and expert chefs, agreements with the University of Cordoba, the Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research in Cordoba (Imibic) and the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), actual practices in the group and other external restaurants make Center of Excellence for the Arts and Gastronomic Sciences A unique place to develop your passion for gastronomy, cooking and dining.

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