This is how play improves students’ mental health

the Play It is a technique used in the educational field to facilitate learning by using typical elements of a game such as scoring, competitiveness or rewards to attract students’ attention and motivate them. A group of researchers from the Department of Physical Education and Sports at the University of… University of Granada (UGR) He analyzed the impact of playing on University students Through an educational innovation project inspired by the famous film saga star Wars.

The variables assessed in the study are related to skills such as adequate management of emotions, proactiveness, adaptability, or flexibility in the face of change. The results showed that benefiting from the principles and main elements that stimulate games and imagination in the educational field has a positive impact on… Psychological comfort University students and contributes to a general improvement in aspects such as emotional intelligence, personal initiative, entrepreneurial attitude or flexibility.

The adventure story is crafted around the kidnapping of Master Yoda by the Sith, with Palpatine at the helm. To do this, the padawans (students) had to previously prove that they were Force-sensitive and had the potential to take on the important task of being part of the Rebel Alliance and free Master Yoda, and provide proof of their learning. Through different training challenges. Moreover, during this process they had to avoid giving in Temptations The dark side of education and its principles (comfort, conformity, laziness) and showing those that define the light side (passion, commitment, creativity).

The project ended with a trilogy Escape room. The young rebels were celebrating the success of presenting their innovative projects before the Galactic Senate, when a group of Imperial soldiers stormed the classroom, took them out, and locked them in three interconnected rooms. This promoted positive bonding between members of the different groups, so cooperation and communication were key to successfully escaping before the 60 minutes they had to achieve.

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The student as the hero of the training process

This research work was carried out by UGR researchers Carmen Navarro Mateos, José Mora Gonzalez, and Isaac J. Pérez López, it completes a trilogy of essays in which the authors highlight the potential of play (when it is not confused with play or play). Enjoyable) to enhance the psychological well-being, body composition, or cardio-respiratory health of students. Their results were published in the journal Games for the health magazine.

The study demonstrates the potential of play to enhance students’ mental health, body composition, or cardiorespiratory health

To do this, researchers point out that it is necessary to understand Play is synonymous with adventureWhich means turning students into the real hero of their training process to enhance their independence and decision-making ability, as well as the need to manage the consequences and emotions involved, in an educational context in which surprise, uncertainty and constant challenge become the essential components, which, together with formative and shared feedback, enhance the sense of Progress and personal growth.

fountain: University of Granada (UGR)

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