This is the most watched Netflix series in Venezuela this week

It’s Friday and the weekend is already on the horizon, a chance to unwind and de-stress, and why not catch up on a Netflix series.

The entertainment giant updates its catalog frequently and among its novelties is “The Night Agent,” a production that led the top 10 series for four weeks.

what is he talking about? Who are part of the cast? Who runs it? What’s your gender? Pay attention, because we will give you all the answers.

Night Agent?

Do you like stories of conspiracy, espionage and action? Then “Night Agent” is for you. This creation by Sean Ryan (its original English title is “Night Agent”) tells the story of a low-level FBI agent working in the basement of the White House.

His job is boring: he has to watch over a phone that never rings, but one night the device goes “ring, ring” and his life changes drastically, plunging himself into a world of intrigue, action, suspense, espionage, and dangers that will set his life at thirty-three.

This Netflix series contains 10 episodes and is based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk. According to the official synopsis, “It’s a sophisticated thriller that centers on a low-level FBI agent working in the basement of the White House, operating a phone that never rings, even into the night, spurring him into action—a poignant and dangerous plot that eventually leads him to the Oval Office.” .

This is Peter Sutherland, an agent who finds himself entangled in a conspiracy about a Russian spy at the highest levels of the United States government. To save his country, Peter finds himself on a relentless hunt for a traitor, while working with terrified CEO Rose Larkin.

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It is not inconceivable that this Netflix series will have a second season, thanks to an interesting plot and great performances by the cast, Gabriel Basso and Lucien Bochana.

We also see performances by Hong Chau, Phola Evans-Akingbola, D.B. Woodside, Eve Harlow, Phoenix Ray, Sarah Desjardins, Robert Patrick, and Enrique Murciano.

All were under the creative direction of Shannon Court, while David Poupaire, Seth Gordon, Julia Gunn and Marnie Hochman executive produced.

“If you like the Jack Ryan books, the Jack Reacher books, if you like the Bourne Identity stuff, if you like political intrigue, ‘The Night Agent’ is for you,” Sean Ryan told Collider.

Undisputed number one

“The Night Agent” is in the top 10 on Netflix in 89 countries. In America, it is number one in Argentina, the Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Dominican, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and, of course, Venezuela.

While in Europe it occupies a place of honor in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands and Poland Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

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