The Campo de Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce is seeking answers for more than 1,200 UK-related businesses

The Chamber of Commerce in Campo de Gibraltar hosted the “Andalusian Company against Brexit” conference organized by the Andalusian Council of Chambers in Algeciras to analyze the current state of trade relations between Andalusia and the United Kingdom after the United Kingdom’s exit from the United Kingdom. European Union.

This day responds to the need to provide answers and affirmations to over 1,200 commercially connected companies in our UK community. Three work schedules were part of the programming for the day: Brexit customs impacts at the gate, institutional support for exporting to the UK, and the practical experiences of Andalusian companies.

The president of the Andalusian Council of Chambers, Javier Sánchez Rojas, stressed that “we don’t care what happens with Brexit, neither as neighbors nor how it might affect our business”, insisting that in Andalusia there are 1,200 companies whose activity is linked to the UK and 600 Another “its only regular, frequent and permanent activity” with Britain.

Sánchez Rojas insisted on the need to know “the customs effects that the future situation with Brexit might have on economic activity”, the need for a “government investment plan” in Campo de Gibraltar and “removing uncertainties and analysis of key points » how it might unfold the coming months.

This day has also highlighted the need for administrations, in the context of Brexit, to provide a solution in the tax questions of the inequality that Campo de Gibraltar has in relation to the surrounding territories, as pointed out to the Vice-President. President of the Chamber of Commerce and Director of Preventor, Sebastián Fernández.

For his part, the Mayor of Algeciras, Jose Ignacio Landalos, stated that “Brexit is a complex process, which unfortunately continues to raise more questions than answers, because we are still in a state of absolute uncertainty for companies, workers and citizens in General major General “. Furthermore, the first mayor added that “all departments should work together to create security, transparency and certainty on this issue, similar to initiatives like this.”

In this sense, Landaluce wanted to thank the Chamber of Commerce for organizing this conference “on such a critical issue for our land, providing valuable information to entrepreneurs and the self-employed on what this means for them and providing them with the keys that will allow them” to do business with the UK from now onwards”.

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