The Campazzo Phenomenon: The Business of Bringing Argentines to the NBA

The Denver Nuggets He fell to the Suns, thus closing in the semi-finals of the playoffs, the first year of Facundo Campazzo On the NBA. The Argentine finished the season with 14 points (4 three times) and repeated his best post-season mark, showing that he has what it takes to be one of the team’s strong cards in the sport, but also in the franchise business.

Access Facundo Campazzo to me nuggets phenomenon started NBA celebrate. For its mathematical significance, henceforth; But more than that because of what it generates from the commercial and economic point of view. It is enough to monitor the movement of the official Denver Nuggets account on Twitter to find a relentless initial parameter: while posts by other players in the franchise range from 500 to 900 likes, posts featuring the image of the Argentine are about 1,500 hearts on average.

The same thing happens with Gabriel Dick In the official account of Oklahoma City Thunder: Posts of any of your colleagues have between 300 and 400 likes. But a slow-motion video of Tortue flaunts the Latin interaction with 1,500 likes.

The NBA He showed that he was looking for other talents to pave the way for Latin: Dick (Oklahoma City Thunder) joined Luca Vildossa (New York Knicks), the arrival imminent Leandro Bolmaro (Draft from Minnesota Timberwolves).

The goal is to support league card. A platform that has been designed and engineered to provide the experience of overcoming and thus, making the most of every 2,277 games that the current season can offer to the best basketball league in this land.

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More than two thousand meetings can be viewed directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC, connected to an application whose monthly cost in Argentina is 479.99 pesos. Traditionally, the National Basketball Association (NBA) matchesNBA) in Latin America through international channels such as ESPN.


But the spectrum of television broadcasting, compared to all that is contested, is dwindling. And the only way you can see absolutely all the crosses is that they were created by the same thing NBA.

Local users of the platform league card in the NBA by 95% through 2021, which puts her in ninth place. world step. Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, along with Argentina, make up the Top10 list.

This NBA season hit a record 1 billion views Youtube, an increase of 15% year-on-year, and 7 million new followers were added to official accounts. And this, again, adds the effect Campazzo And the company: For this season, League Pass has decided to integrate several broadcasts in Spanish, with different narrators speaking Spanish.

As a result, in Latin americaNBA League Pass viewership increased by 30% and watch hours increased by 75%. A phenomenon that can promote a new Latin wave in the best basketball league.

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