The brother of the Mexican detained in Qatar will meet with British authorities

Enrique Guerrero Aveña will meet with British authorities on March 6 to demand the release of his brother Manuel, a Mexican detained in Qatar because of his sexual orientation.

Manuel was detained for just over a month after Qatari police posed as a gay man and arranged a meeting with him through a dating app, with the aim of arresting him.

His brother Enrique has since asked the Mexican authorities to intervene. Among their actions was organizing a peaceful sit-in outside the offices of the UK Embassy in Mexico, which they removed on 4 March after a dialogue with the Foreign Office's Directorate General of Consular Protection and Strategic Planning (SRE). .

Manuel Guerrero spent a month detained in Qatar. Illustration: Magito Vasquez.

In addition, Enrique was able to arrange a meeting with UK authorities eight days before Manuel's hearing in Qatar.

“Our committee sees this approach very positively, which opens a new channel for dialogue, this time directly with British diplomacy, which plays an essential role in monitoring and paying attention to the case of Manuel, who is imprisoned because of his sexual orientation and a victim of torture.” And ill-treatment due to their HIV infection in Qatar since February 4, 2024.”

Earlier in an interview with the list Regarding the response provided by the Mexican government to the case, Enrique Guerrero considered that “the only response that will be sufficient and just is for Manuel to be free and in good health.”

“This is the only response that will be sufficient,” he asserted from the British Embassy, ​​located on Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma (CDMX), where Manuel Guerrero's commission was carried out. demonstrator.

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