The broad front of Uruguay endorses the position against the military dictatorship – Prensa Latina

In response to the accusations of the former right-wing president, Julio Maria Sanguinetti, Nيزñez stated that many militants had died, disappeared and were tortured during the dictatorship (1973-1985).

And Sanguinetti posted on social networks that the Football Association and the Confederation had expressed their support for the coup, which unleashed a barrage of critical reactions.

Alongside the numerous demonstrations of support and denial, Nunez described the former conservative governor as “the father of impunity, distorting history.”

Instead, he added, “a large part of the Colorado party participated in the civilian and military dictatorship” that lasted from 1973 to 1985.

For her part, the mayor of Montevideo criticized the Amplio Patricia Front, the current Secretary-General of the ruling Communist Party, for “the lack of sympathy and respect for many left-wing people who were tortured and disappeared.”

February 8, 1973 marked a turning point in the process that ended with the coup that occurred in June, since that day, President Juan Maria Bordberry, from the computer, replaced the Minister of Defense with the support of the armed forces that led to a dictatorship that he led until 1976.

The Colorado leader, in his first term in office after the return of democracy in 1985, has now agreed with military leaders on an expiration law that has left those responsible for crimes against humanity against opponents of the dictatorship unpunished.

It was only with the arrival of the first government to the broad front in 2005 that a decree-law was approved that began to prosecute members of the repressive military bodies.

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