The United Kingdom plans to extend the school year during the summer to make up for missed semesters

After the emergence of the new British strain, the increase in cases in the UK has exploded dramatically, forcing the government to impose a strict ban that includes closing educational centers to prevent further spread. For this reason, the British government is considering extending the school year during the summer so that students can make up for missed classes.

Students from the UK have not yet, personally, returned to the school classroom since the Christmas holidays, and there is still no confirmed date when they will do so again. In Wales and Scotland, a return is being considered on February 22nd, but England does not expect to return to the seasons until 8 March.

This loss of teaching hours worries the British authorities, and that is why they are considering extending the school year for an additional two weeks, until the beginning of August, according to the British media, the Sunday Times.

According to the British authorities, holding classes during the summer should help with good ventilation of the classrooms in good weather, and the summer vacation will recover during the fall.

Another suggestion that did not go well with the UK Teachers’ Union is to extend the workday to compensate for missed classes. Some members of the government see the need to reform the educational system due to the Coronavirus so that it does not affect children’s education in all this time when the epidemic continues.

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