Sports Retail: Which Sports Brands Are Driving The Reviews In The Markets?

Markets is revealed as a solution for retailers to open up a sales window for everyone; Especially when you don’t have enough resources to develop your online POS. And at this stage of the epidemic, in which e-commerce was favored, these platforms achieved greater prosperity, providing stores with the ability to overcome the forced, permanent or temporary closures imposed by governments due to the Coronavirus crisis.

EDM and consulting firm Gominga conducted a study of sports product reviews on two of Europe’s major e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon (in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France) and Zalando. One of the first striking conclusions from this report is that fitness is the product category with the most reviews.

3 out of 5 products are sold by non-branded manufacturers

The study focused on four categories: fitness, footwear, and cycling clothing and accessories. 61.5% of the top 100 products in the four categories are sold by non-branded manufacturers, especially on Amazon. Here, anonymous individual manufacturers selling their products on one platform get higher visibility, proving that they can generate loads of reviews and sales without branding confidence.

Nike, Adidas, and Puma are the brands that place the most products in the top 100 reviewed products on the four platforms examined. These brands are present in all the sporting goods categories and countries examined, while non-branded producers usually appear in one category or on a country’s platform. Therefore, they can be called “category killers” as opposed to companies that have a variety of products.

Nike, one of the leading companies in Zalando

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German companies Adidas and Puma achieved remarkable results in their home countries, knocking out Nike. However, the North American brand leads Zalando reviews and has managed to place the maximum number of products among the top 100 products in various categories. Keep in mind that Zalando, from its headquarters in Germany, sells to other countries.


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