The British government expects delays at airports due to strikes

The British government has warned of possible delays and queues at major airports from the uk during the christmas holidays, If you go ahead Immigration and Customs Agents Strike Scheduled between December 23 and 31.

“If the strikes were carried out, it cannot be denied There will be serious disruptions for thousands of people with travel plans.”Conservative Home Secretary Soella Braverman announced.

“It is very unfortunate that they took the decision (to strike) at those critical times before and after Christmas and New Year’s,” he added.

military personnel

Braverman urged citizens to “rethink” their vacation plans “Because they may be affected.”

The minister confirmed this It is planned to use the army, which has no right to strike, to supply some places of passport control and other types, but he warned that even then there would be delays.

“The priority is to maintain border security,” he told the media.

A staff member of the British Border Force Those in charge of customs and immigration control at British airports have called an eight-day strike over the Christmas period to protest their wages and working conditions.

More measurements

Secretary General of the Public and Commercial Services Union (Computers), Mark Sirotka, He declared that strikes would occur between December 23rd and 31st (except on the 27th). At the airports of London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester (Northern England), Birmingham (Central) and Cardiff in Wales.

This same union simultaneously declared strikes among its members who work for the Department of Work and Pensions, the Highways Agency and the Driving Examinations Agency.

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This is in addition to Other hits scheduled in the coming weeks in the UK, especially between utility workers, Such as teachers, nurses, ambulance drivers and railway employees.

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