The bishops of Brazil in solidarity with the indigenous peoples

The President and Secretary General of the CNBB participates in a visit to the camp that brings together thousands of indigenous people in Brasilia.

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A delegation from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) visits on Tuesday, March 24, at 1:00 pm, the Camp Struggle for Life in Brasilia, in solidarity and in support of the thousands of indigenous peoples from all regions of Brazil who mobilized in the Federal Capital in defense of their rights.

CNBB President, Dom Walmore Oliveira de Azevedo, CNBB Secretary General, Dom Joel Portela, President of the Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi), Secretary of the Pan-Amazon Ecclesiastical Network (Repam-Brazil) Archbishops of Porto Velho (RO), Dom Roque Balushi and Ronelson will participate Costa and Carlos Lima of the National Coordination of Pastoral Lands Commission on the visit to the indigenous peoples camp.

Indigenous peoples in defense of their constitutional rights

Camp in Brasilia Between August 22 and 28, Indigenous peoples across the country make a massive week-long mobilization to defend their constitutional rights and against anti-indigenous actions and projects by the National Congress and the Federal Government.

The central agenda for mobilization will be the trial scheduled for August 25 in the Supreme Federal Court (STF), which will determine the future of the delimitation of indigenous lands, which will affect all indigenous peoples and territories in Brazil.

Among the contested issues in this case is the “temporal milestone” thesis, a restrictive reinterpretation of the federal constitution that seeks to limit the right of indigenous peoples to determine the boundaries of their lands.

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The case, which originally deals with a dispute relating to the Xokleng people of Santa Catarina, has the status of “public repercussions”, which means that the decision made in this judgment will serve as evidence for all judicial processes, administrative procedures and legislative projects. Regarding demarcation procedures.

The bishops of Brazil and their support for the indigenous cause

The CNBB acts as a friend of the court – a “friend of the court” – in this process and has already spoken out against the thesis of a so-called temporary event. The bishops, during their visit to the camp, intend to express the solidarity of the Brazilian National Council of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil and to strengthen their position in defense of indigenous peoples.

In June, representatives of the National Peacebuilding Council visited Levante Bella Tira camp, carrying a message of support and solidarity for the month-long mobilization that brought together some 1,500 indigenous people from more than 50 villages in Brasilia. The Struggle for Life camp continues the intense Indigenous mobilization that began in June.

The original case belongs to all of us

CIMI President, Bishop Roque Paloschi announced that “The original issue belongs to all of us. In this we continue to walk like CIMI so that you will be the heroes of your history Recalling the words of Pope Francis in Quereda Amazonia, he said:Here we are sure that it is possible to walk other paths where life turns into a great hymn to the praises of creatures to the Creator“.

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Indigenous peoples camp in Brasilia in respect of their rights

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