UK’s latest storm: Britain prepares to disappear while on holiday as Icelandic regime strikes – Map | weather

UK weather: Met Office predicts thunderstorms and rain

Brits enjoyed a brief period of warm, sunny weather last week, after weeks of rain and flooding in early August. Scotland could also see impressive highs of 26°C in the southern regions today with Leeds and London also enjoying 23°C, but soon there will be a change in the air this weekend as cold winds hit many areas.

The latest wind storm maps from WXCHARTS show shades of green and yellow air moving toward the UK in a northeast direction, indicating that storms may be on their way.

Netweather’s Nick Fiennes warned of wind and rain that will hit many parts of the UK over the weekend.

He said: The high pressure is still dominating the weekend, and is concentrated near the northwest of Britain; This will bring northeast winds across southern, central and eastern England that will cloud at times overcast skies here, with some rain likely in southeast England on Saturday.

“Overcast skies also feast on Scotland and North East England at times, especially on Sundays.”

Latest UK storm: Britain braces for a banking disaster (Image: WXCHARTS/GETTY)

The BBC’s long-term forecast added that low pressure near Iceland will spread to the UK this weekend, accompanied by “wetter and cooler” conditions.

Forecasts between Monday, August 30 and Sunday, September 5 added that next month could also start with a wet note after the August short heatwave.

He said: “Summer will close as much as last month, with weak pressure systems making rain more likely for some with temperatures close to or slightly above average,’ he said.

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“As we approach autumn, the high pressure that accompanied us at the end of August is expected to move to Eastern Europe and weaken.

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UK’s latest storm – Icelandic regime could wreak havoc in September (Photo: WXCHARTS)

Meanwhile, there are some good indications of high pressure accumulating in the polar regions.

“These characteristics will allow lower pressure near Iceland to approach the UK from the northwest, resulting in more unstable weather and some wetter and cooler days.”

Netweather’s long-term forecast for Monday 30 August to Sunday 5 September added that Atlantic weather systems may also send stormy conditions to the UK next month.

The forecast stated: “Later in the week, we may start to see forward systems coming from the North Atlantic, which will primarily affect northwest Great Britain, but much of England and Wales and southern and eastern Scotland will see little or no rain. who is she.

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Latest UK Storm - Wind gust maps show shades of green and yellow air heading towards the UK

Latest UK Storm – Wind gust maps show shades of green and yellow air heading towards the UK (Photo: WXCHARTS)

Average temperatures are expected to be 1 to 2 °C below the long-term normal for the period 1981–2010 in most of eastern Britain, particularly in the eastern interior of England, but close to or slightly below normal in the western regions.

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“Precipitation totals are expected to be lower than normal due to the spread of high pressure.

Insolation totals will be higher than normal in most central and western parts of the UK, but close to normal in the east, and it is very likely that insolation will be lower than average near the sea shores from the north.”

The Met Office also predicted unstable conditions as September progressed, with a dry period interspersed with “longer periods of rain.”

Latest UK Storm - Wind and rain could hit many parts of the UK over the weekend

Latest UK Storm – Wind and rain could hit many areas of the UK this weekend (Photo: WXCHARTS)

The forecast between Wednesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 22, said: “Confidence is declining in this period.

“However, there is an indication that high pressure and associated stable conditions will gradually become less dominant, and a trend toward more stable weather is expected in the second week of September.”

“This can lead to changing conditions with longer periods of rain and periods of rain interspersed with occasional droughts, especially towards the end of this period.

“There is great confidence that temperatures are likely to be near or above average for this time of year.”

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