Sergio Rodriguez retires from the basketball team

Spanish rule Sergio Rodriguez On Wednesday, he announced his farewell to the national team, ending a stage in which he achieved many successes and “exceeded” all the “expectations” that he expected when he began his career.

“After these days of rest and reflection, after so many years in the national team, it’s time to say goodbye. It wasn’t easy, but I’m sure the time is right,” Sergio Rodriguez said in an open letter. Posted three weeks later Olympic Judiciary versus the United States.

Chacho realized it was. “Very happy during all these years.” “I felt privileged to be able to do what I love most and also to be able to contribute to the successes of the national team, sharing a team with great players, coaches and other members of the group, President Jose Luis Saez and Jorge Garbagosa and also to the fans who supported me so much. All my expectations when I started. It has been surpassed in successes and experiences.”

In the national team, she lived the rule “not only with teammates, but with friends.” “I learned from everyone, both when we win and when we lose. For me, the summer since 2000 has always been associated with the focus of the different categories of the national teams.. These experiences have characterized my character and my vision of basketball as a life experience. Belonging to this family has been a luxury and I hope to be able to respond adequately to the challenges we faced, together always and seamlessly. Thank you so much! ”

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At the age of 35, and after wearing the national team shirt in 154 matches, the Armani Milan player concludes his successful career that began with gold in 2006 World Cup. In total, he won seven medals with the Spanish team, including another Olympic and gold at Eurobasket 2015.

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