The big difference between dating an English man and a Spanish man according to a photographer from the UK

When we move to live in another country we face a series of… Cultural clashes Which can appear in different aspects of daily life.

From food to schedules, and of course the language or the weather. However, there are other, more specific and everyday details that may also look very different from what we are used to.

This is what Spanish photographer Ylenia Miller explained on her TikTok account, referring in this case to the differences between dating an English or a Spanish boy.

She lives in the UK because she loves British culture and uses her social video channel to show what life is like there and point out the little – or big – things that They divide us.

To explain what it means to be with a man there or here get ready for it Three video clips That started going viral.

I pay or I don't pay… and the difference is big

Miller details several aspects that differ between a date with an Englishman and a Spaniard, such as the habit of paying for themselves on the first date, which is very ingrained in the UK and in Spain it is not unusual to pay halfway.

“tiktoker” demonstrates that perfectly Doesn't seek controversy Nor is it a generalization that offends anyone and is simply based on your experience.

Beyond this economic gesture, Miller is very clear about the main difference between English and Spanish: character.

She points out that the English are colder, rarely show affection in public, and are less likely to end their night with a kiss on a first date. “Unless they really love you.”.

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On the other hand, in Spain, the way we communicate, with the exception of introverted personalities, is More open From the beginning.

Miller's videos have gotten thousands of views between the three and are starting to spark an interesting discussion about these differences.

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