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We let you know what recipes are available so we can effectively heal ourselves in any fight or ambush, as well as the necessary materials and their location.

In Sons of the Forest, apart from craft Weapons, structures or cooking some pasta, we can also make some medicines that can be very useful. Useful during combat Or enemy ambushes.

How to craft healing medicine in Sons of the Forest

Currently we only have Two recipes To make these medicines. One of them is Healing mixbeing slightly less effective than the second, the Healing mixture + Which, although they require more sophisticated resources to find, He deserves Because it heals so much of life.

mix up


Life recovery

Healing mix

×1 cactus | ×1 yarrow


Healing Blend +

×1 cactus | ×1 nebilobium | x1 ponytail


Where to find aloe vera and yarrow in Children of the forest

Aloe vera and yarrow are easy to find, sure If you have explored Even if this is the lowest on the island, I have come across some of these plants. In any case, We leave you the map So you can find it without any difficulty.

Once caught, time goes by appear againSo get as many as you can without worrying about it.

Where to find Ebilobio and Horsetail in Sons Of The Forest

Epilobio and Horsetail, not that they're really hidden on the island either, but they are They are in unusual areas, so it is very rare that you will have any in your inventory. As with the previous two, we leave you a map of each with their respective photo.

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We also remind you that you can get Medicine bottles To heal you much faster in combat.

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