The best-rated Communist mayor for the presidential election in Chile – Prinsa Latina

This is revealed by a Data Influye survey, in which Jadue reached a preference of 17.9%, doubling his closest competitor, who is also mayor Joaquín Lavín, of the right-wing Independent Democratic Union (UDI).

To the question, who would you like to be the president of Chile in 2021, except for Sebastian Pinera? As those consulted voted in descending order to Pamela Giles (Humanitarian Party 6.1); Evelyn Mathei (UDI 5.7), Sebastián Sichel (Independent 5.4), José Antonio Kast (far right 4.4) and Paula Narváez (Socialism 4.4).

Data Influye addressed an eventual presidential primary, with 30 percent assured that they would participate in the election of one candidate for the Communist Party and the Amplio Front, while in the Chilean Vamos government lineup, they would go to the polls at 25 percent.

However, only 12 percent of those consulted said that they were interested in electing a candidate from the forces of social democracy (mainly Christian Democracy, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party).

When evaluating the poll results, director Axel Kallis made it clear that the election remains static regarding the previous release, and that there will be no changes until after the April elections.

In that election, more than 15 million Chileans will have to elect provincial governors, for the first time in history, in addition to mayors, councilors and the 155 members of the conference that will draft the new constitution, which analysts see as a barometer of the temperature. What could happen in the presidential election in November.

Callis added that according to the poll, Daniel Jadu will win the primaries from the left by 62 percent, Lavin on the right by 27 percent, and Paula Narvaez in the center-left parties by 41 percent.

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However, the poll shows that the presidential election in November is still far from interesting to a large portion of Chileans with 18.5 saying they do not know, 11.1 mentioning other names by a small percentage, and 3.2 they did not favor anyone.

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