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Interestingly, Jennifer Lopez inspired both successful and unsuccessful sculptures, and fans were quick to tell wax museums about it on the Internet.

JLo’s “Offensive” wax figure in Germany

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world for its large collection of life-size sculptures of well-known personalities, celebrities being the most famous.

Well, in the headquarters in Berlin, Germany, there is a wax figure of Jennifer Lopez that caught the attention of netizens because she does not look like the actress and singer much.

On Twitter, they called her “the most offensive character” in The Bronx diva, because they didn’t take credit for her beauty.

Jennifer Lopez’s wax figure in Holland doesn’t look like her

Another site of Madame Tussauds that has a wax figure of the celebrity is the one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

However, fans of the singer did not agree with the result of this miniature statue either because her facial features do not resemble Jennifer, so what do you think?

Jennifer Lopez’s wax figure has been accused in New York of not looking like a star

In January 2015, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum unveiled a small statue of JLo in its New York headquarters, which was not well received by the public:

Twitter user vic van allen wrote: “Oh, does Madame Tussauds so badly want us to believe this is a wax figure of Jennifer Lopez?”

Others said the statue looks a lot like Lopez’s “distant cousin,” judge for yourself:

JLo’s wax figure in London is one of the most acclaimed

For example, the venue in the headquarters in London, United Kingdom surprised many because of its great resemblance to the artist.

The statue even bore a replica of the outfit Jennifer Lopez wore at the 2014 World Cup Opening Ceremony in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The “amazing” wax figure of Jennifer Lopez in Hollywood

Another small, well-made figurine, according to fans, is the one in the headquarters of Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.

She was unveiled in 2009 in a wine-colored dress, but museum directors are constantly changing her “look” so that she wears the latest “fashion” worn by the famous woman.

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