Political and Social Sciences separate from the Faculty of Law at BUAP Mexico

College Political and Social Sciences class from college Law of the Distinguished Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP).

This was determined by the majority of votesthis Thursday, Enterprise advisors In an extraordinary session at which they also appointed the Directors.

Luis Ochoa Bilbao remains Director of the School of Political and Social Sciences; In the meantime, Georgina Tenorio Martinez was appointed director of the law school.

Council members pointed out that Even before these changes, the College of Law and Social Sciences had six Bachelor’s degrees, four Master’s degrees, and one Ph.D.With an estimated intake of 2,200 students, it is the largest in the university.

reveal it This will not modify the faculty or academic program. There are currently 7,400 in the Faculty of Law, while there are 2,400 in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

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The case was approved in an extraordinary session by a majority of 205, with six abstentions. Moreover , The University Council has three new master’s degrees:

• Master of Science in Government and Sustainable Development,
• MSc in Clean Agricultural Technologies
• Master of Science in Renewable Energies.

How was the restructuring?

After this modification, the file The law school will integrate degrees in legal counseling, criminology, and law (face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance learning); In addition to a master’s and doctorate in law.

In turn, the The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences will attend International Relations and Sociology; In addition to a master’s degree in political science, international relations and human rights, and in social studies: work and organization of work and organization.

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Modification benefits The College of Law and Social Sciences will be reflected in improved academic capabilities, increased competitiveness, enhanced comprehensive student care, new law firm facilities, Updating the curriculum in line with justice system reforms, as well as job certainty and cooperation between academics.

When providing justification for this modification, Marcos Gutierrez Ayala, then Academic Secretary of the College of Law and Social Sciencesthat this department is supported by a planned project based on internal consultation among the members of this academic unit.

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