The authenticity of a pre-Hispanic piece found in Guatemala – Prensa Latina is confirmed

The stone with hieroglyphic inscriptions appeared yesterday in the Santa Fe neighborhood of District 13, while the reconstruction work was being carried out, and immediately neighbors were able to attend to experts from the Department of Antiquities Pre-Hispanics.

Even the landlord explained that for 25 years she had been observing a “piece of rock”, 80 cm high, 77.5 cm wide, 40 cm thick, and weighed about 300 pounds.

Gonzales clarified Wednesday that after preliminary analysis, the painting belongs to the site of El Baúl, in Santa Lucia Cozumalguaiba, Escuintla.

Gonzalez explained that the piece, identified as Memorial Number 59, was first reported by Victor Rivera and Juan Antonio Ciller in 1992.

Later, in 1997, Oswaldo Chinchilla painted her in the collection of sculptures in the Kotzum Malagaba style, but her whereabouts were no longer known and were based on photographs.

Authorities said at a press conference on Wednesday at the Ministry of Culture and Sports that authorities suspect she may have been transferred from her native country in a failed attempt to get her out of Guatemala.

According to the information available to date, the piece is made of basalt rocks and carved in relief, and it belongs to the Late Classical period (600-1000 years of our era).

González announces that it now has a registration form and a preservation analysis is being done to advance its examination in more depth.

“We cannot estimate the value of every antique, we must take into account that these pieces are part of the national heritage, and therefore their value is uncountable,” he said.

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For its part, the municipality informed that it will make a copy of the stone to be installed in a green space in the Gaza Strip as a souvenir to save the material and cultural heritage.

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