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Recently, a team of astronomers discovered a hitherto unknown cosmic body, and its study made it possible to explain an issue that has remained a great mystery to astronomy, which is the nature of the creation of space dust in the universe, which has affected the scientific community. This research was recently published in the journal Nature astronomyAnd so that you know what this discovery is about, today in this article we will share with you everything you want to know about it.

So, if you are interested in knowing what the latest astronomical discoveries have influenced the scientific community, we invite you to continue reading this article, as we will tell you all the details below.

The latest astronomical discoveries that shocked the scientific community

After observing for three years with space-based and ground-based telescopes, a group of astronomers has found a cosmic supernova as an impressive new source of space dust that was until now completely unknown to astronomy. The most relevant thing about this discovery is precisely the fact that the origins of the formation of cosmic dust have been a mystery for a long time, however, this discovery explains an interesting plant for these particles.

On this score, according to Describe At the Institute of Spanish Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), an institution to which some of the study's researchers belong, at the beginning of the observation, SN 2018evt, a type Ia thermonuclear supernova, did not initially attract their attention so it went unnoticed until When they found it a few months later, they realized that it was still detectable and that it was also noticeably brighter than expected, so they realized that there was likely something interesting going on there.

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Image source: Satori 13 from Getty Images

In this way, by observing this cosmic body and analyzing all the information, they realized that this was the entire stardust factory. In this regard, one of the issues that made the greatest impact on the scientific community was the fact that, until now, the formation of space dust has only been observed in supernovae (or type II) central collapses, which are explosions of massive stars, according to He explainsHowever, this type of cosmic object does not occur in elliptical galaxies, so the origin of cosmic dust in them has been a mystery to astronomy.

Thus, through this research it was possible to determine that type Ia thermonuclear supernovae, which are the result of the explosion of a white dwarf star in a binary system with another star, may be the origin of cosmic dust in this type of galaxy, according to He explains. Therefore, this study shows the discovery of a cosmic dust factory that has until now remained completely unknown to astronomy, which is an unprecedented discovery, according to to set The authors of the study could allow us to learn more about the formation of these particles in cosmic history.

“The origins of cosmic dust have long been a mystery. “This research represents the first discovery of a rapid and large-scale dust formation process in a thermonuclear supernova interacting with the gas surrounding the star,” Lingzhi Wang, first author of this study, said in a statement.

To learn more about the study you can consult: Newly formed dust within the surrounding stellar environment of SN Ia-CSM 2018evt

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