The amazing story of Nahda Abdeen, an 88-year-old athlete

Don’t kidding: This woman is really 88 years old

“Age is just a number,” says Nahida Abdeen, repeating … and who knows what he is talking about. However, the photo of this Lebanese woman training in the gym without interruption does not correspond to the information contained in her identity documentHowever, she preaches to anyone who wants to hear her that everything is possible with effort. And he insists, “Years mean nothing.”

“When I started going to the gym regularly, I would go to the last grade. Every time the trainer gave directions, I got nervous. She was very shy.” And so on, His love for sports started at only the age of 50.

Nahida Abdeen started training at the age of 50

In conversation with The German WaveHe said he started training to improve his health. My knee was injured and the doctor told me I should do sports. The first time I went to the gym, I was very shy. I went with my daughter-in-law and my grandson, who was practicing there, “he revealed.

Now, 33 years later, the picture is very different. He is 88 years old but doesn’t look like this at all and his skill and stamina are the envy of any young man.

Her determination won out and she was trained as an aerobics trainer. When I received my certificate, I hung it on the wall. People tell me that God will judge me if I don’t help others. It’s not okay to have testimonial hanging on the wall, so I started teaching and really liked it. “I like helping women out of their shell,” she said.

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“For us, she is not just a teacher, she is like a mother. She inspires us and we want to be like her in the future,” one of her students confirmed to the media.

Training began to improve his health
Training began to improve his health

The German series says so Nahida has been a widow for 40 years and has never remarried. He has four children: the eldest is now 60 years old and they all live abroad. She sticks to the sport and claims it helped her beat cancer.

“People tell me I should be more feminine. No, this is my femininity. It is. It’s not that bad either, is it? I use a little makeup – a little blush in the morning.” He joked, “For today’s interview I wear mascara.” .

He has taught classes and inspires little ones for over 30 years
He has taught classes and inspires little ones for over 30 years

For Abdeen, exercise is the best answer to life’s challenges. It is the source of your energy. Some believe they were born to eat, drink, work, sleep and be tired. you are wrong! Exercise allows you to discover that there is much more in life, “she said enthusiastically as on the first day.

She has been leading groups for decades and has already taught more than 1,000 women. Most of them are over 70 … but age is just a number.

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