The Academy of Sciences awards the highest award to José Joaquín Puello – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo.- Dr. José Joaquín Puello, an experienced neurosurgeon with nearly 60 years of professional practice in the health field, was honored Wednesday night with the Academic Recognition of the Academy of Sciences (ACRD), awarded maximum distinction from Before the commission to its most prominent members.

According to a statement, the welcome speech was delivered by Engineer Eleuterio Martinez, President of the Academy, who confirmed that Dr. Puelo Herrera, the founder of this institution, made great contributions to national development in the field of health and sports.

He said: “We describe this moment as historic for the academy and the country, by recognizing the highest honors for the man who gave everything for his nation.”

José Joaquín Boelo with members of the Academy of Sciences (Photo: external source)

While Melsiades Mejía, former President of the ACRD, expressed that Puelo Herrera dedicated his life to serving the nation, a tireless professional doctor who succeeded in overcoming all the challenges his life presented, and a neurosurgeon who never rested.

Puelo Herrera thanked the Academy of Sciences for this recognition and for being able to share the honor roll of the Laudatio Academica with great Dominicans such as Pedro Mir, Pedro Troncoso, Edelissa Bonelli de Calvente, and others.

The health said: “Today’s world is moving almost without brakes towards a change that has unpredictable consequences, but everything will depend on the management we give to our planet. From ACRD we can work on projects that have benefits in helping to save the planet.” professional.

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About Jose Joaquin Boelo

Puello was born in San Juan de la Maguana, on September 25, 1940, and from his beginnings he distinguished himself in the profession he loved, medicine, because while still a classroom student, he received the Obstetrics and Gynecology Prize in 1962.

A year later, in 1963, he received his Doctor of Medicine degree with honors from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

His training has crossed several specialties, including clinical neurology, neuroanatomy, electromyography, general surgeon, and neurosurgery, which he studied at various foreign universities.

He has been a teacher for generations, and began teaching at UASD in 1970, as a professor of neuroanatomy and physiological psychology. Also at the Pedro Henriquez Urena University (Unphu) he taught the subject of Clinical Neurosurgery and at Intec the subject of Clinical Neurosurgery and Neuroanatomy.

Dr. Puello recounted how he keeps in his memory the shocking incident he experienced when he had to receive one of Trujillo’s wounded executioners, Pedro Livio Cedeño, and be an eyewitness to his courage, who, despite the torture he was subjected to after leaving the operating room, confirms that he did not betray his colleagues.

Only 20 years old and a fifth- to sixth-year medical student, Puello recalls the events and narrates them as if they happened yesterday, and emphasizes that despite his long life in professional practice and involvement in the medical care of the most prominent people in the world. The country, no event affected him as much as that event.

Other awards received by the distinguished neurosurgeon are the Duarte, Sanchez and Mila Medal, Knight, for services to the community, and the Duarte, Sanchez, Mila, Officer Medal.

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He is one of the founders of the Valve Bank for Children with Hydrocephalus in the Dominican Republic and a foreign member of the British Association of Neurological Surgeons. He is currently the coordinator of the ACRD Health Sciences Committee.

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