King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is already in the UK to participate in the World Sailing Championships

he Honorary Juan Carlos I (85 years old) He is already in the UK to take part starting next Monday, September 4, with Bripon Sailboats, in 6m World Sailing Championship Which will take place on the Isle of Wight until September 8 and where He aspires to win the title for the third time.

Juan Carlos faces this appointment after getting ready with the crew of the Prepon, led by his friend Peter Fields (73), in the boat race held in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra) at the end of last July, which he investigated first place Two days after the race.

Sources close to the Honorary King confirmed this to EFE Your intention is to participate in this contestAlthough it won’t be confirmed until Sunday, as that’s the day the crew composition will be officially announced.

[El emérito Juan Carlos cumple tres años en Abu Dabi sin visos de instalarse de nuevo en España]

Honorary King Juan Carlos I during the last regatta in Sanxenxo.


World Cup to be held in the city Cowesin the north of the island, which is the third where the father Philip VI (55), after winning the title in the Classic category that was held in 2017 in Vancouver (Canada), and two years later in Hanko (Finland).

The last tournament was held in Sanxenxo in June 2022, in which Prepon took second place Juan Carlos decided not to participate.

This competition took place a month after the King Emeritus made his first visit to Spain since his departure for Spain Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) in August 2020, which caused disturbance in the government and in the King’s House due to the great media anticipation surrounding it.

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We are four months away from turning 86 years old Mobility problems Due to the bad condition of his joints, Juan Carlos prepared himself physically at his residence in Abu Dhabi to be able to compete and in recent months He lost 20 kilograms.

In addition to the end of July, he was in Sanxenxo in mid-April to participate in another regatta with Prepont, although he was unable to board on either day of the tournament due to bad weather and had only been able to do so in the previous two training sessions.

The World Championship regattas will be held on the Isle of Wight from September 4 to 9, preceded by training starting on August 31, two days after the participating boats begin arriving. El Bribón will compete with twenty sailboats from nine nationalities.

Three years in Abu Dhabi

Juan Carlos I greets the press last July in Sanxenxo.


On August 3, Three years have passed since Juan Carlos decided to live in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), where She plans to continue to reside permanently I have no intention at the moment of settling back in Spain permanently.

He spent this third anniversary at his residence in the Gulf country, where he arrived on August 1, after completing his third visit to Spain since his departure. No matter who forms the government in Spain, the king is emeritus He maintains his plan to remain stable in Abu Dhabiwhere you specify your tax residence, so that you do not have to file accounts in Spain.

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It is the road map that he already outlined in the letter he sent to Felipe VI In March of last year, after the Supreme Court Public Prosecution decided to postpone investigations into its tax violations abroad.

His other desire is to continue traveling to Spain regularly, largely according to the rhythms set by the travel calendar. Sanxenxo boat races (Pontevedra) Where he sails with Prepon, and where It felt like home Once the doors close return to Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Hence his words with which he bid farewell to the Galician city on Tuesday: “I am very happy and happy. Thank you for helping me be as good as I was.”

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