The MLB Players Association is calling for more safety after some spontaneous players were arrested at a game

Strange scene. This is what was seen in a game of Major League Baseball (MLB), the professional baseball league in the United States. There was a match between The Colorado Rockies are from Denver and Atlanta, where Ronald Acuña Jr. belongs, a 25-year-old who would have seen a situation no one expected.

The Spontaneists take Acuña almost hostage

During the match, Two fans sneaked onto the field and ran toward Ronald Acuña Jr. Apparently, to take a photo. Although it would not stop there, because the incident would have become more complicated. This is shown by the multiple videos posted by fans of the two clubs on social networks.

They were about to hug the player tightly and when the security of the place came to stop this scene, everyone fell to the ground. One, two… and even three security guards had to enter to arrest each of the fans Who crept onto the field. Scene had to stop the game.

A happy ending for Acuña, but not for the fans

After being arrested by fans, Acuña got up from the ground and gave a thumbs up to show he was okay. An action that could have consequences for them from then on The Denver Police Department launched an investigation after security escorted her away.

The 21- and 23-year-old fans have already been identified and arrested by the Denver Police Force. Which issued a statement echoed by USA TODAY Sports explaining the reasons for their accusation: “They both entered the field of play without prior authorization and had physical contact with a player. The suspects, both from Denver, were arrested pursuant to law Charges of invasion and disorderly conduct.”

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Police said a third person, an unidentified juvenile, also briefly entered the stadium before returning to the stands. The juvenile was taken into custody by Kors field staff and cited for trespassing.

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